Peace Palace

Adolf le Comte: Stained Glass Windows

Adolf le Comte (1850 – 1921) was the chief designer of the seven stained-glass windows in the entrance hall of the Palace. Le Comte was born on 30 August 1850 in Rijswijk, a village next to The Hague.

After Le Comte decided he wanted to become an artist, he attended the Polytechnic School in the Dutch city of Delft as of 1869, to study drawing, taught by the department of architecture. Having travelled to numerous places, including Germany and France, he became a teacher in Delft and later in The Hague and Rotterdam. During his teaching career, he also remained active as a designer. Le Comte was part of the “Delft Art Nouveau”.

In 1891, Le Comte began working for a Delft firm in a field that was completely new to him: stained glass. He was employed in the studio “t Prinsenhof”. One of the most prestigious projects for Le Comte was a work for the Peace Palace. In 1913, he was assigned to design seven large windows for the Palace. These seven stained-glass windows can now be admired in the entrance hall of the Peace Palace.

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