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Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue receives 2022 Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize for conflict mediation worldwide


The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue – a private diplomacy organisation based in Geneva – will receive the 2022 Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize. Every two years, the Carnegie Foundation-Peace Palace awards the prize to an individual or an institution furthering the cause of international peace.  

The laureate 

For more than 20 years, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) has helped to prevent and resolve armed conflict through dialogue and mediation. What began with a single project in Aceh, Indonesia, has led to dozens of major peace accords around the world.  

Since 2017 alone, HD’s achievements include discreet but critical support for the UN-led Black Sea Grain Initiative; a ceasefire and political roadmap in Libya; the disbanding of ETA in Spain; development of Common Operating Principles for maritime law enforcement in the South China Sea; humanitarian access in territory held by Islamic State and evacuation of more than 100,000 people in imminent danger in Syria 

HD now runs peacemaking initiatives in more than 75% of the world’s violent conflicts. 

“Peace is the ultimate prize, and we’re honoured to have received this encouragement in the pursuit of that prize,” said David Harland, HD’s Executive Director. “As an impartial and independent organisation that often works behind the scenes, HD welcomes this recognition of our mission and multi-track efforts to resolve conflict, reduce the suffering caused by war and secure lasting peace.” 

The Board of the Carnegie Foundation presents the award to HD for its track record of finding the means, including mediation, to bring parties together and end conflicts.  

Over the past decades, HD has demonstrated that many conflicts can be resolved and peace agreements signed by working discreetly beyond the boundaries of traditional diplomacy, engaging parties that are difficult to reach and addressing sensitive issues.

Awards ceremony
The 2022 Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize will be awarded to HD on Thursday, November 3, 2022, in the Auditorium of the Peace Palace in The Hague.  

The award – consisting of a prize of EUR 35,000 and an official certificate – will be bestowed by Piet Hein Donner, Chairman of the Board of the Carnegie Foundation and former Vice President of the Dutch Council of State.

For more information about the Award Ceremony on Thursday November 3, 2022, click here.

Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize
The Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize is awarded every two years to a person or an institution furthering the cause of international peace “in whatever way, by word or deed, in the form of international action, in literature or in the arts”.  

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Carnegie Foundation decided not to award the prize in 2020. In 2018, the prize was awarded to Belgian war correspondent Rudi Vranckx for his outstanding courage and commitment in reporting from conflict zones to give a face and a voice to people affected by violence. Sigrid Kaag, a Dutch diplomat and politician who now serves as First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for The Netherlands, received the 2016 prize for her successful efforts in conducting sensitive and dangerous missions in the Middle East.  

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