Peace Palace


The Netherlands gifted seven monumental stained-glass windows, each consisting of a large round window with a female figure and a double arch window with personifications or representations completing the main scene. Underneath, there is a title window with a Latin motto. The middle window is entitled Pax in Terris, Peace on Earth. Peace is depicted as a young female figure. The arched windows below represent ‘Art’ and ‘Science’. In addition there are windows depicting, as the designer Le Comte himself explained, the blessings that peace on earth brings: Diei Novae Lux (The light of the new day glows), Justitia Victrix (Victorious Justice), Sapientia Monens (Admonishing Wisdom), Voluntatis Sententia ( Willpower). The outer windows, furthest from Peace, show Fatum Supremum (Death as the End of War) on the left and Furor Belli (Fury of War) on the right.

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