Peace Palace


Denmark has gifted a fountain with statues of polar bears and sea lions to the Peace Palace. Arnold Krog, the artistic director of the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory, presented the design in 1909 to the executive architect of the Palace. This design included porcelain statues of polar bears and sea lions designed by Carl Bonnesen and a border of red granite. In 1914, the fountain was completed in the Copenhagen factory and proudly displayed at a Baltic exhibition in Malmö, Sweden. However, as a result of the start of World War I the fountain could not be delivered to the Peace Palace. It took until 1920 before the fountain could be transported by ship to The Netherlands. The shipment consisted of 68 crates of porcelain elements and 37 crates of granite elements. The fountain was finally put together in 1923 and on 28 October the Danish envoy A. Nörgaard officially switched on the fountain.

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