Peace Palace

Give your voice to the Peace Palace!


Do you enjoy telling or reading stories? Is everyone all ears because of how exciting, or perhaps how sad the story is? Or have you discovered that you have a talent for reciting on stage? 

In the Visitors Centre we tell the beautiful story of the Peace Palace to a lot of people on daily basis. Why it is built, for whom and why it is very important to exist. We tell this story by an audio tour, to parents but also to children. And yes… the last one is much more fun of course! For Dutch children we already have an audio tour available for the last two years, but not yet for the English-speaking children. We would very much like to see this change! 

Therefore, we are searching for two children between 10 and 14 years old – a boy and a girl – that speak a bit of Dutch, but mainly speak and read fluent English, to record the English version of the children story. Would you like to do this, because you want to tell children from around the globe something very beautiful? Or just because you think it’s a lovely experience? If the answer is yes, you can send an e-mail to before 1 December. Please make sure to send a little recorded story (max. 3 mins.), so we can already hear your voice. 

You will receive a message back from us, explaining everything we expect from you. And how we will make sure to thank you! 

We hope to… hear from you! 

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