Peace Palace

Hans Mulder

“For many generations my family have been residents of the city of The Hague. My great-grandparents saw the Peace Palace being built. My mother and her parents visited the Peace Palace in the 1950s.

My father was an entrepreneur and started a successful software company from our attic in the 1970s. In the 1980s he was asked to solve failed IT projects. I helped my father to research, mediate or resolve IT conflicts. That was the beginning of my work as a mediator, arbitrator and an IT expert for the courts.”

Hans Mulder has been managing director of Viagroep nv since 1995 and advises businesses and governments on organisational and IT projects. He is also chairman of the Advisory Board of DUO/OCW (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science). As a mediator, binding advisor, arbitrator and judicial expert, he
frequently deals with dispute resolution in the field of organisation and IT.

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“On television I saw a documentary about the Peace Palace and immediately felt a connection with the entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie and his philanthropic contributions to research, education and peace. On this website I read about his legacy and the possibility of becoming a ‘Friend of the Peace Palace’.”

A better world – that’s what we work for at the Peace Palace, where “Peace through Law” is practiced daily. We contribute to maintaining peace, security, and stability. In addition, the Carnegie Foundation aims to initiate dialogues on the root causes of conflicts and to facilitate educational programs.

To fulfill its mission, the Carnegie Foundation needs support. The foundation does only receive subsidies for the maintenance of the building and providing services to the courts. The promotion of peacebuilding activities, facilitation of events as well as educational programs require external funding, and the support of friends and partners. With the support of our friends, we can contribute to peace, preserve the Peace Palace as a ‘Temple of Peace’ and its various peacebuilding projects.

You can support our peacebuilding activities by becoming a Friend of the Peace Palace. Visit our friends page for a selection from our versatile circle of friends.

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