Peace Palace

Hannah & Roos

We proudly present our new friends of the month: Hannah and Roos! They are from the Netherlands and met each other while studying history in Amsterdam.

Together, they run a public history creation agency called Goeie Ouwe Koeien. They work on behalf of cultural and commercial companies by helping them tell their (historical) story: “We believe that everyone is enthusiastic about history, but it needs to get rid of its boring image.” To them, the Peace Palace is a very special place, with a lot of history!

Roos and Hannah first visited the Peace Palace at the invitation of Jacobine Wieringa, the curator of the Peace Palace, who showed them around. Eventually the business owners became Peace Friends because they wanted people to get to know the Peace Palace. A lot of people aren’t aware that the palace is open for visitors, “but it’s worth it! For us, being a Peace Friend is like being an ambassador for the Palace.”

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